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Tried my hand at a TG fic, it’s only chapter 1 so far, check it out if you like. 

haven’t read it (possible “yet”) just noticed OLIVER IS A CHARACTER

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A friend of mine has a friend who has gone missing by the name of Brian Crow. He has been missing since this past Sunday (August 31st), and last seen in Seattle August 30th. Car details: White Nissan Versa Washington State lic APT7860

If you have any information on this, send it my way so I can help out a friend with this. If you have no information, try to reblog so we can find someone who can. People from the Seattle area are especially appreciated here.

I know Brian personally and just want to know that he is okay. His friends and family miss him terribly.

Here is some more information and contact details should anyone have any info regarding his whereabouts:

"Friends and family are asking the public’s help in locating a male 41-year-old Seattle resident Brian Crow.

He was last seen Monday afternoon, Sept. 1, at the house he rented at 8332 14th Avenue NW. Crow’s brother reported that he left to pick up a moving truck and never returned. Crow is a white male, 5’ 8” tall, weighs 200 pounds. He normally wears glasses, has reddish-brown hair and brown eyes, and usually sports a mustache and beard.

It is believed that Crow may be emotionally vulnerable. Without his friends and family’s knowledge, Crow had resigned from his job at Navigation Solutions at Seatac Airport three weeks ago. He did tell a friend that he was moving “to the suburbs.” Friends and family have made multiple attempts to reach him, with no response. Crow’s Facebook account had also been deactivated shortly before his disappearance.

Crow drives a 2010 white Nissan Versa, Washington license plate APT7860. If anyone sees or may know the whereabouts of Brian Crow, please dial 911 or contact Det. Tanya Kinney. She may be reached at the Seattle Police Department, North Precinct, at 206-684-0850.

TO BRIAN: Your family and friends love you and miss you. Please let someone know you’re OK.”

The above text was taken from here: http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/com/4652964420.html

Please share this if you can, it could help make a huge difference.

GUYS, BRIAN IS MY FRIEND AND ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING PEOPLE IN EXISTENCE. This is possibly the scariest thing to ever happen. Please please PLEASE reblog, we haven’t heard from him in days and this is very upsetting for all of us. We just want to know he’s okay. Thank you <3

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finding out that all that time you spent in high school thinking you were broken for not finding anyone attractive and realizing the whole time you were actually demisexual and if you had known there was a word for it and other people like you you wouldn’t have had so many deeply rooted problems




Pink Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) Smoothie Bowl
I will never get over the beauty and energy of this fruit. Its a shame some people will never truly experience the magic of the pure vibrant foods our earth creates. One of the reasons I love having this account so much is that it pushes me to really look for new exciting foods to reward my body with try at least one new fruit/veggie a week, buy a fun kitchen tool, incorporate more raw meals into your day… whatever you need to live your healthiest life!! 

Wanted one. Found one at grocery store. TWELVE GODDAMNED DOLLARS A POUND. ;A;

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as he looks at jared leto

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"beauty is in the eye of — THE BOULDER"


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Pan Am meal service, 1960



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